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We meticulously and selectively source our raw honey, from the honey rich regions of India. The produce is collected from natural forests, and also from reputed and certified apiaries, tribal societies etc. Our forest honey is sourced from the thick forests of India that harbour a treasure trove of herbal plants known for their medicinal properties.

The NECTAR FRESH unit is set up at a rural area & our corporate commitment is to encourage rural womenfolk & empower these women entrepreneurs by re-structuring non-performing units into progressive ones. This is being achieved by providing them with the technical know-how and our expertise in quality assurance checks and control.

Also, the local tribal community is being engaged by Nectar Fresh’s endeavours to educate them about how to sustainably extract honey without affecting the habitat of the bees or harming nature. This knowledge is then put to use by employing members from the tribal community in order to create a full circle impact.

Today, these initiatives have become the Corporate Conscience keeper of NECTAR FRESH in its commitment to the cause of social Responsibilities.

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