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NECTAR FRESH brings you a delightful basket of pure, fresh and natural specialty honeys, farm fresh preserves, sauces & natural premixes of Coffee & Tea, with their inherent goodness, purity, distinct taste and flavours.

Honey – nature's original sweetener, is a natural source of energy that also offers a unique combination of nutritional, therapeutic and healing qualities.

Honey has long been used in food as a sweetener, in skin care, for medicinal purposes and in several other facets of everyday living.

Its numerous benefits have also been sited in several religious contexts such as Hinduism, the Holy Quran, Buddhism, the Jewish tradition & the Hebrew Bible as well as the Christian New Testament.

For centuries, India's own ancient school of medicine – Ayurveda, has recognized the benefits of honey. Going across cultures, honey is also termed as 'The Nectar of the Gods'.

Honey is available in our natural forests and is also collected through apiaries all over the country. We do customized packing and private labeling, as per client's requirement in pet as well as glass bottles. We also supply in bulk, in apoxy coated barrels and jerry cans.

Fruits for our products are sourced from the finest farms. They are gently heated and stirred to preserve the natural fruit aroma and the high fruit content ensures that our sauces and preserves are of the highest quality.

This makes NECTAR FRESH PRESERVES /JAMS and SAUCES synonymous with nutrition and taste. Products are dispatched only after they have attained and surpassed the most rigorous standards.

Consume NECTAR FRESH products for an exotic journey of taste

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